piezo-device on lampost
williamsburg streetpiezo-device on sign
Tonefield: A 'field of tones,' covertly installed by TMP in public spaces stretching from the Williamsburg bridge to Greenpoint (Brooklyn, New York), in operation from September 23 - October 1, 2005. Piezo-devices emitting tones of 4,000Hz from cracks in concrete, street signs, traffic signals, garbage and all manner of urban detritis. A spatio-temporal composition 'conducted' by the drifting of an incidental audience and those seeking out TMP's re-shaping of the Williamsburg drone-scape.

TEXT  "Tonefield" or the Power of the Ephemeral in Public Space by Sabu Kohsu

IMAGES  Photographic documentation of TONEFIELD

Thanks to all who helped install and document the Tonfield or contributed to its realization through donations of batteries and cash.